PCPS Garden Club

            PCPS Happy Gardeners Club

The Putnam County Primary School Happy Gardeners Club is an afterschool program that teaches students gardening skills while instilling a life-long passion for plants and a respect for the environment.  The program exposes children to a new physical activity that they can continue for the rest of their lives.

The hands-on nature of gardening:

  • Promotes physical activity and quality outdoor experiences
  • Improves students’ interest in learning by offering active and engaging connections to academics, from science and math to nutrition and literacy
  • Encourages students to eat healthier foods
  • Provides students with time to develop social skills
  • Provides opportunities for hands-on learning, inquiry, observation and experimentation
  • Builds an understanding of and respect for nature and our environment
  • Teaches students to nurture and care for other living things while developing patience
  • Gives students a sense of pride in their accomplishments

The PCPS Happy Gardeners Garden Club uses the Junior Master Gardener Golden Ray Series curriculum to enhance students’ understanding of gardening through the use of books.  There are currently over 90 PCPS Happy Gardeners, parents, teachers and Master Gardeners who meet once a month to enjoy their horticultural experiences.

Ms. Cindy Mize, Sponsor